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Lessons- Your horse or one of our's pictured above.  We also have a great pony for children, Root Beer!


Susan Strong Kelley, owner and instructor

Big House Equestrian Center lessons are all individualized and customized for each student’s needs. In addition to mounted lessons, Susan is skilled in evaluating a student’s “use of self” through un-mounted sessions. These are very helpful for students to learn how to become more aware and balanced prior to getting on the horse.


Susan also teaches many styles of in-hand, un-mounted "ground work" techniques that enable the rider to become more confident and proficient in handling their horse on the ground. This is an important component to improving your relationship and two-way trust with your horse.


Students with diverse interests are able to take advantage of Susan’s extensive experience in a variety of disciplines, including English and Western, Natural Horsemanship, three-day eventing up to the Preliminary level, jumping, dressage, fox hunting, trail trials, pleasure riding, and even police horse-style obstacle training.


Given the individual, hands-on nature of Susan’s lesson program, she is well suited to students interested in a more mindful and holistic approach. Each of her students comes to realize that being calm and centered is a positive, healthy way to ride as well as engage in life.


Susan teaches happy, safe and courteous riding. All of her family-owned horses are known for their kindness, soundness and safety. Limited boarding is available.

To read more about Susan, click here.


Lesson Rates


"Let's Get Started Right!"

1.5 hours - $175

If you are a beginner, or haven't been riding for a while, Susan recommends you start with this lesson. Un-mounted body awareness work followed by a mounted riding lesson.


Children's Pony 1/2 hr. - $55.00

The perfect option for children beginners. Ride on "Root Beer" - Susan's pony!


Semi-private - 1 hour: $75.00

Up to 3 people. Consult with Susan before booking semi-private lessons as they are not recommended for beginners.


Private 1 hr. - $95




1-hour private video analysis:

Riding on the flat: $100

with jumping: $125

(click here for info)


Save! Purchase a lesson package!


Private lesson package:

 Six 1-hour private lessons - $545

($25 discount)

Semi-private lesson package:

Semi-private lesson packages are only available after consultation and private lessons with Susan. 

Children's Pony lesson package:

Six 1/2-hour lessons - $305

($25 discount)

For lesson package information,

contact Susan here.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your riding lesson to get your mount ready.

All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Debra discovering better balance

"I left my weekly lesson last week with Susan and Savanna singing (badly) "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes." It's not that I'm a big Paul Simon fan, the message just came to mind from the absolute joy of being in harmony with a horse. Without any doubt, my lesson day is the brightest part of a pretty wonderful life. (Sorry kids). For 2.5 years now, this has been the best thing I've ever done for myself."

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