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About Big House

Nestled in the calm oasis of the Genesee Valley, Susan Kelley has a private, peaceful, family-owned farm resting on approximately 190 acres, protected by the Genesee Valley Conservancy.

Big House Equestrian Center offers “state of the art” private outdoor and indoor riding arenas with all-weather footing and evening lighting. Just a short distance away are numerous woodland trails meandering peacefully through their own large woods, and extending into the Genesee Valley Hunt country.

Her small herd of family-owned horses are well-known for their kindness, soundness, and safety. Susan will also travel to your stables for lessons. "









I also forgot how fun your lessons are and how positive you are :)  As you know, I always try too hard and push myself and I kept hearing you say 'be kind to yourself.'  So I gave myself permission to do that."


Root Beer- Our lesson pony with Will.

The Big House Mission:

Our mission at Big House Equestrian Center is to give our riders the skills necessary for a healthy, safe, and rewarding partnership with their horse, no matter what the discipline. Results happen when rider and horse communicate as one.


We accomplish this through the proven techniques of Centered Riding: we explore clearer communication by increasing body awareness, inhibiting old patterns and replacing them with a more balanced, free and coordinated use of self. 


"You have revolutionized my approach to horsemanship. I will always be grateful for my introduction into Centered Riding and the principles of natural horse care." 

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