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Tom has been riding weekly with us for almost 20 years!

Upcoming Events this summer:

    We are now offering "Student Rider" spots in "Part 2 "of  our  Centered Riding Instructor Certification Course  with
    Judy Cross-Strehle Level 4 Centered Riding  Clinician
as well  as an Advanced PATH Instructor  &  Mental health specialist,  assisted by Susan, Level 3 CR Clinician
We have a great opportunity for some student riders, we can  use  4 per day. Friday June 21st & Saturday June 22nd

 Student riders get to watch the Instructors course, free  lunch and a private lesson with one of our Instructor  Candidate’s watched over & assisted by 2 Centered  Riding Clinicians above! 

 All for only $100 a day. You can bring your own horse  or use one of   Susan’s experienced and fun to ride

 lesson horses. Please contact Susan directly for more information. 585-507-3397 

Sorry but no auditors for this Course.

  For more Clinic details click above                                


              Open Centered Riding Clinics August  9-11 2024


This  3-day Clinics start on Fridays @ 5pm-7pm with the Interactive Presentation of the 4 Basics.

 The remainder of the Clinic have mounted riding lessons, groundwork, and bodywork on

 Sat starting @ 8am and Sun starting @ 9am. We finish by 4 pm both days.

 $350 for entire weekend, limited to 6 riders

           Experienced lesson Horses will be available. Auditors are welcome 

     Testimonies from our 2023 Participants

 1-" Fantastic clinic, looking forward to future exploration of the Centered Riding topics"

 2-"Excellent quality instruction & very informative"

 3- "Susan was a wealth of knowledge, stories, wisdom and guidance”

 4- "I would return again & again”

 5- From Anne who traveled from Poland...

    "I feel so much more informed, confident, balanced,

     educated and ready to pass on my enthusiasm for

     Centered Riding to my students."







      Susan with her Preliminary level Event Horse,                                                                                                              "High Treason" in 1973





“My experience at Susan Kelley's Rider's Awareness Clinic was stupendous.

Never in all my life have I had such pleasure riding a horse! The precision of communication was astonishing. I didn't have to think, I simply had to be.

My noble steed and I were one.”

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