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Tom has been riding weekly with us for almost 20 years!

Upcoming Events

In addition to lessons, Susan offers a variety of clinics, workshops and demonstrations throughout the year. 

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 Geneseo Open Centered Riding 3-Day Clinic (August 4-6)

 This 3-day Clinic will start on Friday(8/4) @ 5pm-7pm with the Interactive Presentation of the 4 Basics.

 The remainder of the Clinic has mounted riding lessons, groundwork, and bodywork on

 Sat(8/5) starting @ 8am and Sun(8/6) @ 9am.

 $350 for entire weekend, limited to 6 riders

 Auditors are welcome.

 What our Participants have said…

 1-" Fantastic clinic, looking forward to future exploration of the Centered Riding topics"

 2-"Excellent quality instruction & very informative"

 3- "Susan was a wealth of knowledge, stories, wisdom and guidance”

 4-" I would return again & again”







      Susan with her Preliminary level Event Horse,                                                                                                              "High Treason" in 1973





“My experience at Susan Kelley's Rider's Awareness Clinic was stupendous.

Never in all my life have I had such pleasure riding a horse! The precision of communication was astonishing. I didn't have to think, I simply had to be.

My noble steed and I were one.”

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