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About Susan Kelley

"Helping riders build a strong foundation in their riding skills and partnership with their horses is like building a house. If you don’t have a strong foundation, you are going to have a weak house.


Each new student begins with a private lesson so I can analyze individual needs. Together, we build a strong foundation of balance and coordination. I bring to light possible disruptive habits—known and unknown—which may be hindering your progress. I will give you clear guidance to help improve your external and internal use of self to enhance your riding experience and partnership with the horse.


This is not cookie-cutter teaching. I teach each student as a unique person and we proceed accordingly. No one should feel overwhelmed, either physically or emotionally.

Susan has been a lifelong student of horsemanship, having had the good fortune of riding in many different disciplines and on many different kinds of horses. She has always strived for excellence and a better understanding of the horse. 

As a former Preliminary level Event Rider, Susan knows firsthand the ways of the competitive eventing world. It’s how she grew up.

Susan believes that horses are life gifts. It’s her mission to help them so they can help us—high-level competitors and pleasure riders alike. She will continue to reach out and share the principles of Sally’s Swift’s dream, ultimately helping our partner and best friend: the horse. It is the horse whose burden it is to carry out the wishes of the rider, regardless of their skills.


Susan’s Methods, in her own words:

Over two decades ago, she discovered Sally Swift’s Centered Riding® (Mind, Body, and Horse), providing her with an amazing set of tools to become both a more accomplished rider and instructor. For over 20 years, Susan has been a Centered Riding Instructor, obtaining the Level III Certification. This honor puts her in the top 5% of all Centered Riding instructors worldwide.

 " I think I have learned more through your words and actions than any professor has taught me. I really count you among my greatest mentors."

Susan grew up riding-
both English and Western.

Fox hunted "first flight" for over 35 years with the Genesee Valley H

Teaches safe and effective riding for many disciplines.


Over many years, I have taught a diverse group of people from seven to 87, and from equestrian competitors to those with disabilities. My horses are patient and kind. If I am going to err, I will err on the side of safety.

My years of studying and practicing Feldenkrais techniques add another dimension to what I offer. I incorporate these skills into “hands-on” work during lessons. The results are a more complete integration of body awareness, and release of stiffness and pain resulting in the rider becoming, at the same time, both more relaxed and skilled."



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