Complementary Services

Susan believes that hands-on body work can be important complementary practices for healthy riding. The results are a more complete integration of body awareness, and release of stiffness and pain resulting in the rider becoming more relaxed and skilled while riding.


Her years of studying and experiencing The Feldenkrais® Method have provided Susan with another tool to enable her students to perform with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. It uses gentle movements to reprogram the nervous system. The result is increased awareness, greater ease of movement, and increased ability to move with your horse. Although Feldenkrais is already incorporated into Susan’s riding lessons, she works closely with Sam Nelson,, who is available for weekly classes in Geneseo.


Cold Laser Therapy can also be a beneficial tool for healing. CLT is a painless, non-invasive, and nontoxic treatment for chronic or acute pain from past or present injuries. Invisible infrared laser light is beamed into the horse’s body tissue around an injury. The light energy absorbed by the tissue stimulates and energizes the body’s natural basic cellular pathways, reducing pain and inflammation. CLT penetrates deep into tissue to stimulate healing. It can reduce scar tissue and deposits, allowing improved circulation and lymph flow, and in turn, re-energize the healing process. Susan has used CLT on her own horses with very positive results.

Reiki Level 2 practitioner, Susan also can apply Reiki healing sessions to humans or horses. Reiki is an ancient art of natural healing. Its gentle non-intrusive, yet powerful hands-on approach restores the natural balance of the body. Intensive instruction days, or weekends, are also available; please click here to contact Susan by email or phone to schedule your private session.


Laser Therapy Rates

Laser therapy sessions are $65 each, or purchase six sessions for the price of five. To contact Susan to schedule a private Laser Therapy session, please click here.

Reiki Session Rates

 Reiki healing -  $80 per sesson.

Intensive instruction days or weekends are available. To contact Susan to schedule a private Reiki session, please click here.