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Big House Equestrian Center

Our mission at Big House Equestrian Center is to give our riders the skills necessary for a healthy, safe, and rewarding partnership with their horse, no matter the discipline. Results happen when rider and horse communicate as one.


We accomplish this through the proven techniques of Centered Riding®, a simple way of expressing the classical principles of riding. When a riding instructor tells you "what" to do, Centered Riding answers "how" to communicate that to your horse. We teach this communication through increased body awareness, inhibiting old patterns and replacing them with a more balanced, free, and coordinated use of self, applied equally to all English and Western riding styles.


Steve & Susan Kelley

Become the rider every horse wishes to have ...

"Only when a horse and rider are physically and mentally comfortable in their work, can the maximum potential of movement and performance be obtained."

- Susan Kelley

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